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    Work? Or any school studies?


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    Work? Or any school studies?

    Post by Stephanie on Thu 23 Apr 2009, 11:21

    What kinda job/study you doing? ^_^
    Enjoying it?
    And all those kind of things about it ^^ Ill post a more large version of mine later

    Nurse / Additional studies to become a Doctors assistant
    Wouldnt want anything else then this job ^^
    Been there to help as a volunteer before [Forced by my dad volunteer my ass] i enjoyed it then took the education and they paid up for all of it. Been there for abit over 4 years now going towards 5 ^^

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    Re: Work? Or any school studies?

    Post by Martin on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 10:50

    Can't believe how everyone dares to leave you posting alone here :P
    So I'll start off o.o

    I mainly work as a Raftguide or as a safety kayaker sometimes. Also organizing some courses few times a year when there's not much work.
    Started it when I was 18, kinda weird story how I got to it but that would take to long to write :P

    Required skills:
    - First aid knowledge
    - swift water swimming
    - different rescue techniques from both water and land
    - being able to read the rapids and predicting too dangerous parts to avoid them

    What I'm doing:
    Basically I just try to bring everyone down safe and having my fun with them as I make them wet >:o So another part is to keep them entertained on slower parts, they mostly ask stuff about the job or the locality. Else I just start about something or make some jokes, also getting some real silly questions sometimes, like how deep the water is <_< ( like we measure each part).
    On the longer trips, I also have to prepare some lunch for everyone on the shore and make some short trip through the forest or whatever is there.. if the costumers wishes so^^

    What I like about it:
    I like it cause I can work with people.. and I work outside, never been frustrated about the job itself. People usually have lots of fun and can forget about their daily routine, sometimes they also overcome some fear by joining a trip, always a great achievement when I get them to jump of from the 20 feet bridge right in the river^^. It's really great to see how some of them get really out of themself during the day.

    What I don't like about it:
    Well since I was born in a location where the water is to cold in winters I have to move around. I enjoyed the travling first, but as more relationships break due to it, I start to hate it and think to always be on the wrong place at the wrong time. That's actually the only point I dislike but it weights up quite heavy sometimes.

    Job Possibilities:
    Pretty easy to get a job all around the world.. unless it's your first year, need to look out early enough though

    There's a huge range I had jobs with a salary over 2.000 € / month, while sometimes it's just around 1.200€. Sometimes you get paid by trips and sometimes it's a fixed salary. aprile - july is mostly the time I earn most money cause of schoolgroups ect.

    Will I do it forever?
    Probably not, will most likely settle down as soon as someone wants to keep me^^ Can't say what I would do for a living then, guess I would just find something or even start some studies.
    But will always get back to it if it doesn't work out, so it will always be an option for me Since all in all I love to visit new places

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